"A great forum and unbelievable that this can be done free of charge. A small community is having a lot of fun and nice contacts thanks to this service!"
- Enmay Forum
"Zetaboards is the best forum service I have ever used."
- VirtualRailfan Forums
"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for offering ZetaBoards for free. Our community is so very important to so many members and I personally, could not be able to afford to purchase forum software or the monthly/yearly server fee to have it online. So, THANK YOU from Fit4LifeFriends.com, we appreciate you!"
- Fit4LifeFriends Forum
"Keep up the great work! The periodic enhancements and ZB upgrades are appreciated!"
- Monsterland Forums
"Really nice simple, easy to use board and lots of features with it for free! i've been with zetaboards for about 2-3 years and i already love it!"
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"This is the most user friendly board I've ever tried.. And it's really fun using it and configuring it! More power!"
"Zetaboards is the best forum maker on the web!"
- Nintendo Central Forums
"Hello there,

In May I sent a support ticket in regards to IP checking and forum account sharing. I'm happy to see the updates today concerning this idea, it will really help administrators catch any pesky account sharers and keep their forums secure.

Thanks for the hard work on this one, it's a fantastic update; especially for a free board."
- TBC Forums
"Awesome forum service, keep it up!"
- The Outer Shadow Community
"A great way to make a forums for free and it is very reliable as well. Thank you Zetaboards."
- Pokefans Forums
"I can not remember how I found ZetaBoards, but I am so glad I did. This forum has had to be moved several times because of major issues with other forum hosts.

It only took about fifteen minutes for the other founder and I to set up the basics - all the categories and forums we wanted, and to customise the board settings. I have always found it easy to use the ZetaBoards ACP, and have suggested ZetaBoards to my friends when they have started or had to move their forums."
- My Secret Life
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