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We think our service speaks for itself… just register a free forum and start building your community. If you have questions, perhaps they're answered here. If not, please let us know, by going to our support forum and asking.

Frequently Asked Questions - Free Forum Hosting

Does ZetaBoards allow me to edit my forum's logo, images, and style?
Yes, you can change the logo and replace it with your own. In addition, you can change the colors, CSS and images on your forum.
Can I install modifications to my free forum?
We offer hundreds of Javascript codes that can be added to your forum easily. You can also request a feature to be added to all forums.
Can my forum be backed up?
We perform frequent backups that are free and automatic.The backups themselves are not available to download though.
What types of ads are displayed on my free forum?
No pop-ups or pop-unders are displayed. The banner ad can be removed for a small fee. We do not sell your email address or the email addresses of those that register on your forum.
What type of support is available?
We give free full support that rivals support for paid services. You can receive support through our public support forum or by a private ticket system located in the Admin Control Panel of your forum.
What limits exist on the free service?
We do not limit the bandwidth (data transfer) of your forum. In addition we do not impose a limit on the number of posts, topics, or members your free forum has. You will never be punished for having a popular forum!
Do you provide FTP access?
We do not provide FTP access. With our system, it's not even needed… images and attachments can be uploaded from your browser and there is no software to install.
How is the service free?
ZetaBoards is supported by the banner ads at the top of each free forum.
What will my URL look like?
The URL of you forum will look similar to http://s1.zetaboards.com/your_forum/. With our Domain Manager, you can use your own .com or similar domain with your forum for free!

Easy Free Forum Hosting

We think we've made ZetaBoards incredibly easy to use… we want you to have fun with it, not spend hours learning how to use it!
Easy to register.
Registration takes only moments and your forum is ready instantly. You only need to select a username, forum name, and password and provide a valid email address. You do not need to give your phone number, address, or full name. There are no validation emails to worry about.
Easy to set up.
Your forum can be customized and ready for visitors in less than 10 minutes.
Help is always nearby.
Post on the support forum or open a free support ticket if you ever need help.
Plenty of guides and tutorials.
ZetaBoards has detailed guides to help administer, moderate, setup, and use your forum. All administration features are well documented, with context-sensitive help. And the ZetaBoards Documentation Project promises to bring a new meaning to "easy".

Be the biggest forum on the block.

ZetaBoards' servers are more powerful than you would typically get with normal shared webhosting. Your visitors will never be kept waiting as an underpowered server labors to keep up with the popularity of your forum.
ZetaBoards' features rival those available with paid forum software on paid hosting plans. You don't need to sacrifice features to save time and money.
And that's not all. ZetaBoards is actively developed so new features are being added frequently.

No stress. Worry-free free forum.

Save Money
Avoid paying for hosting for your forum. ZetaBoards can save you hundreds of dollars a year on hosting and software license fees.
Avoid Spam
ZetaBoards has a powerful anti-spam system built in. You do not need to worry about your forum becoming overrun with spam postings.
Save Time
ZetaBoards keeps the servers operating and monitors the servers. The forum software is kept up-to-date and all security patches are handled by ZetaBoards while you save yourself hours of work every month.
Don't get stressed over growth
You will never have to worry about out growing yourself. ZetaBoards does not limit the size of your free forum and does not require that you pay fees for a large forum. ZetaBoards will provide you with free forum service whether you have 20 posts or 20 million posts. You never have to worry about moving as your forum grows. Your free forum won't grow slower, nor will we tell you to go buy your own server. We're with you for the long haul.
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