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About Us

At ZetaBoards we've been working for years on providing the most advanced free forum option available. We don't limit our forum communities by posts, members, or even bandwidth. The bigger the community you build on your forum, the better. You'll never be stuck trying to upgrade your software or server to handle your forum's popularity and growth. On top of that, we've built the ZetaBoards Forum software to allow for a maximum level of customization. This lets your forum truly fit your community, and that's a lot better than trying to fit your community to your forum.


We have been developing free forum software for 8 years. We've put every bit of that experience into ZetaBoards. As a result we've created a highly secure forum software that can meet the needs of the largest community, while still being simple enough to use for your first forum. As a testament to our software, our support forum uses the same software we provide to you when you register. Our experience lets us quickly create new features that meet your community's needs.


When you're choosing a free forum provider it is important to select a free forum host that is actively developing the software your community will be using. The Internet will change as your board grows. YouTube, Social Networking, Forum Spam Bots, and Search Engine Sitemaps all did not exist when we first started hosting free forums. Since ZetaBoards is an actively developed free forum host, it has been upgraded to address all of these things and more. It offers support for placing YouTube videos in posts, various social networking features have been added, forum spam bots have been stopped in their tracks, and your free forum has built-in support for Sitemaps to help search engines find your community's content.

Key Stats

  • Over 200 Million Posts on our free forums.
  • 3.8 Million Registered Members.
  • 120,000 Free Forums.
  • Billions of forum pages served each year.